* SJU Airport to Isla verde: $35.00
* SJU Airport to Condado: $40.00
* SJU Airport to Cruise Ships: $45.00
* SJU Airport to Old San Juan: $45.00
* SJU Airport to Fajardo: $95.00

* SJU Airport to Ceiba: $110.00
* SJU Airport to Palmas del Mar (Humacao): $110.00 

* SJU Airport to Dorado: $80.00
* SJU Airport to Rio Grande $80.00

Groups of 5 or more passengers, luggage included
* SJU Airport to Cruise Ships: $10.00 per person 
* SJU Airport to Hotels in Rio Grande: $20.00 per person
* SJU Airport to Fajardo: $25.00 per person

* SJU Airport to Ceiba: $25.00 per person
* SJU Airport to Palmas del Mar (Humacao): $25.00 per person 
* SJU Airport to Dorado:$20.00 per person 
* SJU Airport to Isla Verde: $8.00 per person
* SJU Airport to Condado: $10.00 per person 
*SJU Airport to Old San Juan: $10.00 per person 
 Car Seat Available.
We offer VIP pick up service so that you don't have to wait in the airport or make long lines.

We wait for you.
For tours to different outlets (Barceloneta and Canovanas) text or e-mail for prices.

Airport Taxi Service. The following taxi rates can vary depending on the location and destiny. You may send un an e-mail to get information about the prices of transportation and excursions. Taxi in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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Luxury Cars Available, ask for prices and availability.

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Taxi service, airport taxi, transportation to different destinations around Puerto Rico. 
Groups of 1-4 passengers, luggage included (This prices includes all of the passengers in Shuttle Van)  

  Wilbert Taxi Service In San Juan Puerto Rico

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